This is FML template for SOLO mining, please paste into POOLs accordingly. Wallet, rpcUsr, rpcPwd, Firestonce, WalletPwd will be used to buy firestone automatically. You may delete these 5 parameters from proxy.conf file if you do not wish to buy firestone automatically.

POOLs: [
        PoolName: "SOLO",
        CoinType: "FML",
        PlotIDs: [*],
        SoloMode: true,
        Url: "",
        TargetDL: 7200,
        SkipWorse: true,
        Wallet: "Your-Wallet-Address",
        rpcUsr: "Your-Wallet-RPC-Username",
        rpcPwd: "Your-Wallet-RPC-Password",
        Firestone: 10,
        WalletPwd: "Cipher-of-Your-Wallet-Unlock-Password"

Please setup your wallet configuration according to below image.