It checks available balance every 10 minutes, will add commitment automatically. The following parameters should be added in "{ }".

  1. Enable: Optional, default = True.
  2. Exec: Mandatory, must be SIGNA_COMMIT.
  3. WalletUrl: Optional, online wallet Url, default = .
  4. FeeType: Optional, default = STANDARD. Transaction fee, choose from CHEAP, STANDARD and PRIORITY.
  5. MinTx: Optional, default = 100. It commits the entire amount when the wallet available balance reaches this amount.
  6. SecretPhrase: Mandatory, cipher of wallet's passphrase. It can be generated by embedded cipher-generator of ddProxy.
    { Enable: True,
      Exec: SIGNA_COMMIT,
      WalletUrl: "",
      FeeType: STANDARD,
      MinTx: 100,
      SecretPhrase: "cipher-of-wallet-passphrase"
Any optional parameters can be ignored to simplified as the following:
    { Exec: AUTO_COMMIT, SecretPhrase: "cipher-of-wallet-passphrase" }